Horse Riding Helmet Brim , Visor “ONLY” NEW


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Western-style helmet brim that stops horse riders from getting sunburnt. Helmet Brim that you can see through, .made from shade cloth. fits any size or brand of riding helmet, easily attaches to the helmet with adhesive Velcro for easy removal

The Standard size Helmet Brim is 3 Half inches out from the edge of the Helmet 

The XL brims size is 4 half inches from the edge of the helmet out


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  1.  Turn brim over take off Velcro strips to place on front and back of  helmet            
2.   Place Velcro in middle down butted onto visor of helmet.
  3. Place Velcro in middle of helmet near to the bottom press firmly.
 4. Grab in middle front and back of brim pull down over the Velcro’s.
5. Keep brim on helmet for 24 hours for adhesive to adhere the helmet then you can remove brim.
 How the brim will look like on helmet fitted scroll down 
          How the brim will look like on helmet fitted 

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