Whats the size of the standard Helmet Brim Answer: is 3 half inches from inside edge of brim to the outside edge

Whats the size of the XL helmet Brim Answer: is 4 half inches from the inside edge to the outside of the brim

Dose the Helmet Brim Fit all sized Helmets : Answer Yes the helmet brim fits all sized horse riding Helmets 

 Do they attached permanently or can you take them off and on? Answer: The brim dose not stay on permanently as there is adhesive Velcro that attaches to your helmet so you can remove and put back on as you wish 

Can i get a flatter brim made : Answer : yes you can all you need to do as add in extra comments that you would like a flatter brim and it will be made up and posted to you 

Can you make a small inner size brim to suit kids helmet Answer: yes for sure if this is what you would like but there should be any need due to the elastic center that pulls over the helmet and sticks with Velcro  If you would still like smaller inner brim please add in the comments when you place your order and the brim will be made up and posted 

How much can i shape the brim Answer: you can but not very much due to the spring wire in the edge as this keeps the brims shape 

Whats the UV rating of the Helmet Brim: Answer: The UV rating gos off the shade cloth its self as its 87% so you still get great protection . I must point out that while your riding you can still get UV burning as there is reflections from the Tar Road ,water and other surroundings that will play a part