Hi, I'm Julie!

I'm the owner, founder and inventor of the world-famous HELMET BRIM!

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved horses. I’m 100% a “country girl”, and riding is in my genes. I was a fearless rider at 7 years old and was given my first horse Folly when I was 12, and went on to Pony Club and Gymkarners. 

I have been passionate about horse-riding and farm life since I was a little girl, and I used to take off and ride the neighbour's horse (without permission!) with bare feet and long pony-tail flying out behind me. The freedom and exhilaration I felt on horse back, is something I know millions of people around the world also feel. Our love for horses connects us, which is why I’m so proud that I can offer my product to horse-riders of all disciplines, all over the world. I LOVE receiving photos of people on mountain treks, bush trails, and beach riding, all happy customers proud to be showing off their Helmet Brim, which I invented! 

I live in country NSW, just outside of Blayney, NSW, and we're a farming region, with hot summers, cold winters, and a love for life on the land.

When I left school, I proudly worked for 2 iconic Australian brands. I fell in love with sewing when I worked at the Berlei factory in Lithgow sewing bras and petty coats. Then I moved to a factory in Bathurst sewing Robin’s Shoes.

After that, I sewed curtains and soft furnishings in a Custom-Made Furnishings Shop. It’s where I also learnt to sew and repair tarpaulins!

This invaluable experience led me to start my first business “HNJ Canvas”, at the age of 21, making tarpaulins fitted covers and anything else in between. I ran this business for 11 years, repairing tents, making tarpaulins for semi-trailers, fitted covers for Utes, and canvas caravan annexes. I also had 3 boys in 18 months (yes, twins!) so they ‘joined’ me in the business.

When I sold my business I worked in a factory in Blaney for 13 years and was able to buy my dream 100-acre property in regional NSW, near Blaney, where I am now.

Working in the Blaney factory confirmed that I wanted to start another business. 

Endurance riding was one of my passions outside of work, but over the years I’d gotten badly sunburned due to not wearing any sun protection which took its toll on my skin and caused my skin permanent damage. I knew I needed to do something about it, so, I decided to manufacture Sun Protection Brims for equestrian helmets, and I was ready for a new challenge! 

With over 30 years of industrial sewing experience PLUS the fact that I owned my own industrial machines, I was in a prime position to start developing prototypes of the Helmet Brim. Initially, I searched for manufacturers, but hat manufacturers told me “it can’t be done!” so eventually I realised I needed to manufacture myself, and I am now proud to say I sell my Helmet Brims all over Australia and the world. 

‘When it comes to designing and manufacturing, no one can tell me it can’t be done because I’ll find a way.’  Julie Dixon

I know if something doesn’t look good, you won’t feel good and you won’t wear it. So, for over 6 years I trialled different versions of the helmet brim until I got it right. It was another 2 years before I got Helmet Brims officially on the market.

Since inventing, designing and expanding on the Helmet Brims range over the past 15 years (it was originally called SUN-TEC HATS) I now have stockists in the USA and Canada, and I can’t wait to see where Helmet Brims may go next! 

I’m passionate about EVERYONE from the damaging effects of the sun, and so after being asked repeatedly from many cyclists to produce a bicycle-hetmet version of the horse-riding Helmet Brim, I came up with a number of variations and am now proud to be protecting cyclists and equestrians from serious sun damage. People who’ve already had skin cancers now enjoy riding again, feeling confident wearing my Helmet Brims. 

I still love sewing and inventing new products, and I’m still passionate about farm life, my horses, and dabbling in some gardening 

I'm a country girl through and through and I'm proud of it!

Connect with me on my socials and share your pictures of where you ride wearing your Helmet Brims. I love hearing from you!

Julie Dixon