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The bicycle helmet brim is the additional mate to the equestrian brim

Made also from same quality Australian made shade cloth  with other quality materials 

The bicycle, brim has its own oval  style shape  that helps direct the wind over the helmet and  up the sides, with the shade cloth begin light strong and not solid material also helps with no wind drag don't get heavy if gets wet 

The wire edge of the brim is a lot thicker and stronger to keep the brim firm and sturdy to not bend at high riding speeds  

Most common bicycle helmets have visors which the bike brim is designed around with an underneath mesh pocket along with helmets also having larger open-air vents at the back

This brim has velcro straps that go through up around attaches to keep the back of the brim firm and keep in place 

Like the equestrian brim, the bicycle brim elastic center that keeps the brim firm around the helmet adds style and appeal to it 

There are also other types of bicycle helmets that have the visor at the front with no low air vents at the back so there is the 2nd option with a more rounded flat back 

In this case, the brim has adhesive velcro that attaches onto  the brim and has wider elastic around the top to accommodate for  this 

If you have a helmet that has a flat front with no visor and a flat front ask for the velcro version front and back for attachment 

The other great thing with this bicycle brim is you can have the different colored trims to add that flare to be different 



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