The how, why and what of the adjustable girth loop by Helmet Brims

The how, why and what of the adjustable girth loop by Helmet Brims

In 2020 I designed the most practical adjustable girth loop because I got sick of losing the standard girth loop that was available on the market. The cost to me in time and money to replace it all the time was huge, so I knew there was a better design that I could come up with. Having 30 years industrial sewing experience in all kinds of areas I'm lucky to have the ability and skills to come up with ideas, work through designs until I have invented or adapted something that's going to really make a difference to horse riders around the world. 

 adjustable girth loop by helmet brims most practical and durable girth loop australian made

The girth loop is slightly more expensive than your normal average one-sized girth loop, for a number of reasons, but the savings you'll have in the long-term are far outweigh the initial cost.

The benefits of it is it's superior quality, and also is easy to wash. It's adjustable and quick release by either unclipping it off the breast plate or off the actual girth when it's still done up, and it stays on your girth - it doesn't fall off when it's done up firmly.

Also, you can adjust it to different size girths - it fits most average girths. 

Our adjustable girth loop is made from super-strong and light webbing, ensuring comfort for the horse, no rubbing for the rider, and a velcro fixture to keep it firm. The advantage and unique feature of the adjustable girth loop is it can be adjusted without completely unbuckling the girth. Hense adjustment gives you the optimum firm fit with ease and won't work itself off the girth

If for some reason you need to quick release your breastplate, you can undo your adjustable girth loop. It attaches with velcro, you simply open the girth loop with the steel ring facing forward so that breastplates and/or martingales can be attached easily.

Features and Benefits:  

  • Made of strong, soft 25mm wide webbing.
  • Comes with a steel D-ring.
  • The girth loop can easily be adjusted firmly onto girths between 90mm to 130mm wide easily.
  • Colour: Black only 
  • Size: Overall length with D-ring out flat is 260mm 
  •  Velcroed up without D-ring is 100mm which fits 90mm girth and can be adjusted out to 130mm wide girth
  • Tried and tested with Endurance riding

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