helmet brims making of handmade Australian horse riding sun-safe protection

How we make Helmet Brims - handmade in Australia!

BLOG-helmet-brims-slide-show-cover-online-blayney-nsw-australian-made-making-ofThe Hemet Brim is all Australian designed and made in country NSW  and we send to horse riders all over the world.

Our color combinations are many and varied, and we have two sixes available - the regular which fits all helmets from kids to adults, and the extra large which are made for a larger helmet.

After spending years of getting sunburnt and having sun damage on the back of horse in the Australian sun, I tried to find a product that would keep me safe, protected from the sun, and fit my riding helmet, and was all round practical with STYLE! I needed something light weight, easy to take on and off, and would last, and have a touch of color. Also, I wanted it to fit any helmet. So, after searching and not finding anything that fitted my needs, I set about manufacturing myself! I've now sewn in excess of 3000 helmet brims which are sent worldwide, and the feedback has been amazing! I love receiving photos from helmet brim wearers in different parts of Australia and the world, and knowing that I'm keeping them safe and stylish at the same time. 

I use a heavy duty Australian made shade cloth, its rated 90% UV protected, and I combine this with colorful and durable binding with spring steel to keep the brim in shape, and Velcro for easy attaching and removal. 

Click here to view all the colors available - we ship worldwide, via Australia Post. 

Click here to see how to reshape your brim if your brim has accidentally gotten out of shape. 

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