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How to care for your horses hooves in the dry hot conditions

Horse care tips by Helmet Brims: Hoof care in dry, hot weather:

The Australian weather is so extreme from one part of the country to the other, but there's one thing we all have to deal with no matter where we live, and that's the harsh Australia sun, and the dry, hot weather that can go on for months.

When caring for your horse/s, there are so many things to know, and seasonally it's important that you change your care routine. When it's wet you need to know about the mould and fungus issues (more about that in another blog post) so read on, for today's horse care tips about the DRY conditions, which apply to wherever you are in the world, and the dry can be a problem.

Under dry conditions, a hoof dressing should be applied daily, reducing to once every second day once the hooves are in good condition.

In cases of very dry hooves, particularly when working on dry sandy tracks or arenas, you need to wash and dampen the hoof wall and sole with water (e.g. when hosing after work) and apply a hoof oil to the damp hoof, which will absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water and act as a reservoir to prevent further drying out.

You can buy hoof oil from any saddlery or produce supplier, just ask for advice on the best for your conditions.

More horse care tips coming soon - stay tuned for what to do in the wet conditions. 

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