Did you squash your Helmet Brim?

Here's a video (below) where I show you how to re-shape your Helmet Brim if it becomes bent or out of shape. I show you using an old Helmet Brim.

The wire in the brim is spring wire and quite strong so takes a bit to bend back to shape, but with some fiddling you will get it back to how it was!

The wire is what keeps the shape of the brim, and it's sewn into the binding.

If your brim wire is poking out of the edge or if the wire joiner has detached, please contact me to go through this with you directly, as you need to be able to unpick and put the wire back into the joiner and re-attach the binding, and I can guide you through this, but if you cant sew you will need to find someone that can!

This has rarely happened out of the thousands of brims I have made and sold.

If any question please contact me Julie 0459 729 040 or via the contact page.

Press PLAY below to see how to re-shape your Helmet Brim if it gets out of shape ⬇️