reshaping your helmet brim if you've bent it out of shape

How to reshape your Helmet Brim if it's bent out of shape

how to reshape helmet brims when bent out of shape

The wire in the Helmet Brim is spring wire and quite strong, so it takes a bit to bend it back to shape, and with some fiddling you'll get it back to its original shape.

If your Helmet Brim wire is poking out of of the edge of your brim, due to the wire coming out of the wire joiner, please contact me to guide you through this as you need to be able to unpick and put the wire back into the joiner and place it back into the binding ~ if you're not a sewer, you'll need to find a sewer friend or someone who's a confident sewer, however this rarely happens out of the thousands of brims i have made sold 

I've created a Facebook video you can watch to help you get yours back to its original shape. 


If any question please contact me Julie 0459 729 040

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