5 reasons to understand your horse, better

5 ways to understand your horse, better.

5 ways to understand your horse, better

Just like us humans, animals have their emotional needs and feelings, too. There are times that they're fun to be with, and can be expressive and communicative, but there are also the bad days where they can display a bunch of behaviour issues. The most common of these can be associated with aggression, fear and performance problems. All you need to have is patience and some knowledge in how to understand their personality and character.

1. Mood swings

Much like us, horses can also be moody, and there are many contributing factors for it such as medical conditions, anxiety, stress, their environment etc. Just like people, emotions have a powerful influence on behaviour.

2. Learn to listen and observe

LISTENING to your horse is a really important part of knowing your horse better, when it comes to riding them and ownership. Knowing how to correctly interpret the signs and behaviours of your horse enables you to know that something is off.

3. Give them your love and care

Horses also want that one special individual that will give them affection. They crave that intimate bond which gives them confidence and contentment. Treat them like you would a person that you care about. Give them a routine to help maintain their physical and emotional state and to stabilise their mood as well.

4. Consider their feelings!

Given that horses have feelings towards something or someone, it's vital that we show them consideration and kindness because horses feelings can affect the way they show loyalty to humans. Also, we need to be sensitive around them and always remember that they deserve to be treated as the beautiful beings they are.

5. Suitable habitat

Your horses behaviour and emotions can also be affected by their surroundings and environment. Just like any other animal (and human!), horses can be stressed if they are not comfortable with their habitat, and you can tell that they're stressed when they experience weight loss, and grind their teeth, etc. Understanding what a suitable environment is for them, will ensure they live a longer, happier life, where you bring joy to each other for years. 

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